Upcoming Appearances

Public Shows - dates subject to change


4/22 - Bathtub Gin - 9pm

4/23 - Slipper Room - 10pm

4/29 - Bathtub Gin - 9pm


5/6 - Bathtub Gin - 9pm

5/7 - Slipper Room - 10pm

5/10 - Slipper Room - 10pm

5/13 - Bathtub Gin - 9pm

5/20 - Bathtub Gin - 9pm

5/21 - Slipper Room - 10pm

5/27 - Bathtub Gin - 9pm

5/30 - Slipper Room - 10pm





The Artifice Group has been asked to return for their fourth year entertaining the VIP suites at the Singapore F1. This time, Matthew and Prakash will be joined by the amazing Asi Wind and Chris Korn.


Matthew has been hired to help Oscar-nominated actor Michael Shannon do the impossible in a stage production of The Killer. More info here


Matt's business partner Prakash Puru is featured in a new Prudential commercial. He's pretty damned brilliant sometimes: Watch Here.


Matthew will be traveling the country with Auchentoshan Whisky on their "Auchenbruncheon" tour.  Cities include Los Angeles, San Francison, Chicago, and New York.  Read about the most recent tastings here.


Dos Equis had the Most Interesting Magician in the World at their masquerade launch party last night in the gorgeous, hidden La Esquina.  Here's a photo of Matt in his mask.


One of New York City’s busiest entertainers and consultants, Matthew Holtzclaw has been recognized as one of the top performers and technicians in the world of magic and special effects.   

Photo by J Isobel Delisle

Matthew is in demand for high-end corporate events and celebrity studded fundraisers but also performs for private parties and public shows around New York City and the world. For a variety of magical entertainment, Matthew's company The Artifice Group offers a fine selection of the best magicians working today; each unique and perfect for any type of gathering. Visit www.TheArtificeGroup.com for more information.

You can see Matthew in action at Bathub Gin in the video below:  

For more performance videos and other media click here.

With a background in theatre, Matthew frequently acts as a magic consultant to stage and film productions. Recent projects include The Killer starring Michael Shannon, the revival of CarriePlay Dead directed by Teller (the smaller, quieter half of Penn and Teller) and Break of Noon by Neil Labute and starring David Duchovny.

Profile on Matthew in NY Press.