"...unforgettable, and unlike anything else on television." - Rolling Stone

One of New York City’s most in-demand entertainers and consultants,
Matthew Holtzclaw has been recognized as one of the top performers
and technicians in the world of magic and special effects. 

Matthew's company The Artifice Group offers a fine selection of the best magicians working today; each unique and perfect for any type of gathering.


Matthew Holtzclaw entertaining a party at Bathtub Gin in New York City.

Matthew Holtzclaw performing on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.


Upcoming Appearances




8/11 - Slipper Room - 9:30pm

8/24 - The McKitterick Hotel - 11pm

8/26 - Slippery Sundays - 10pm


9/8 - Slipper Room - 9:30pm

9/19 - Glitter Gutter - 10pm

9/27 - Ophira & Adira - 8pm